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Client Testimonials


My son has been seeing Shay for almost a year and I can't believe all the progress he has made. He went from a 3 year old who only had a handful of words and barely spoke, to a 4 year old that now talks non stop! I still remember how amazing it was to hear my son say "I love you Mommy" for the first time. My husband and I were worried that our son would not be able to start school when he should and would struggle with making friends and socializing. We are now confident that he will be able to enter Kindergarten next year and will thrive. Working with Shay has made all the difference in him and his future. She works with him so patiently and so kindly that it doesn't even feel like "therapy" and every lesson is customized to him and how he learns. I really cannot thank her enough for what she has done for him and our family.

Age 4 - Assiniboia, SK

Shay is a wonderful person. I have two children with speech needs. They both can't wait until she comes back time after time. My daughter says "Mom, when is Shay coming?" and "I want Shay." When the door bell rings she runs and says "Shay is here" and then is disappointed when it's not her! My son has Apraxia. It's not an easy road to be on but having Shay in our lives has made it a little easier. She is very encouraging when I am having a down day and feeling like the worst mother in the world. My son is coming along nicely with her help. So happy we found Shay!!

Age 4 - Moose Jaw, SK

Very impressed with how quickly I have seen improvements in my 6 year old sons speech! He is "easily distracted" and Shay keeps him fully engaged throughout an entire hour long session with fun and creative techniques. He genuinely looks forward to his speech sessions! I also appreciate the willingness to travel to us for sessions! I've already recommended their service to several!

Age 4 - Moose Jaw, SK

Shay has been phenomenal with my son! She incorporates a balance of play and speech while she works with him. Every session is very interactive and productive! In just a couple of months I have seen improvement! 

Age 6 - Glentworth, SK

For starters... I can't thank you enough. The time spent with our son has paid off more than I thought it would. I have had teachers, neighbors, and family tell me, "I understand everything he said" over and over!! He completely enjoys his sessions and all the hard work is paying off. With school being out for two months we really didn't want Martin to fall behind. Instead he will keep progressing. Thank you very much. I can't wait untill school starts again to see him walk in with soo much confidence.

Age 5 - Verwood, SK

I'm very pleased with the "Let's Talk! Speech and Language Services" program. My daughter has been taking speech lessons since April 2015 and has made some great progress. We started her with private lessons because she had difficulties with certain letters. We started out by doing weekly sessions for the first month and then switched to every two weeks. She is now in Kindergarten but we are continuing with the "Let's Talk!" program as she gets 1 hour lessons. Our family, friends and neighbours have commented on how much easier she is to understand. We have a little ways to go yet but each lesson she makes huge progress. She now corrects herself when she says a word incorrectly. I really like how the program is set up and the teachers are so patient. They sure know how to keep the child's interest by making learning fun! My daughter is so comfortable that she likes to be the teachers. This is a great program and I highly recommend it!

Age 5 - Coronach, SK

Our grandson has been seeing Shay for 2-3 months now and we have noticed such an improvement in his speech. We were away on holidays for 2.5 weeks and when we returned home we were amazed at how much more we could understand of his speech. His parents have mentioned how he'll say something and then they hear him sounding out a word the way Shay has taught him to. We are thrilled with the progress he is making now and plan to continue the program with Shay as needed.

Age 7 - Assiniboia, SK

" Shay has been amazing with my 4 year old! In just a few sessions he has made tremendous improvements and has become a much more confident child, who is now communicating much more effectively with other children, and can't wait to go out and play!! The frustration has decreased and the level of play has increased. To see a child exploding out of his shell is such a wonderful experience!!! Thank-you Shay!! We look forward to continue working with you!!! "

Age 4 - Moose Jaw, SK


Shay has been working with our mother since approximately May of this year. Our mother had suffered a stroke in April which left her speech delayed. Since Shay has been working with our mother, we have seen significant progress not only in her speech but in her confidence to get the words out again. She has started to be able to use more words in sentences fluently with less frustration as well is able to say the names of her children, their spouses along with all her grandchildren and spouses and great grandchildren. We believe that her kind and compassionate nature has truly inspired mom to feel confident in her ability to talk once again.Thank you Shay for bringing mom's voice back to us!

Diagnosis: Aphasia following stroke - Moose Jaw, SK

Found Shay to be very professional, very friendly, and extremely easy to get to know. The fact that she was willing to travel was very convenient. Very prompt and obliging. The program itself was very worthwhile. It made me realize how softly I did talk. Doing the program, my friends have noted the increase in my volume of speech. I just need to remember to use my new voice. I would recommend this to anyone willing to put in the time, especially with Parkinson's Disease.

Diagnosis: Parkinson's Disease - Crane Valley, SK

Improving his recognition of different things - clothing, food, drinks and every day items. Interacts very well with the therapist and shows very little frustration now. We feel he is making progress towards hopefully being able to communicate better in some way. Thank you for your time spent with him and showing us how to help him reach his goal

Diagnosis: Global aphasia following stroke - Assiniboia, SK